Oh, Hello there! Is this MY blog?

•28 May 2010 • 1 Comment

Well, Just thought It’s about that time to set up a proper blog.

Tried to sign up for wordpress, but that username was already taken!? Really?! THIS username? Could only have been taken by me. Sure enough it was, with a blog I had set up ages ago.

Well, now it’s back. And sweeter than ever. Well, not yet, but it will be. Just you wait.

Cool stuff coming.


Velkro Smaak – All You Need Is

•5 September 2006 • Leave a Comment

One of 4 new Velkro Smaak tunes which were all released today. These are all under 2 minutes, and they’re all amazing. Only link here to ‘All You Need Is’, be sure to check out the others on the official Velkro Smaak Website.

In the meantime, click HERE to download ‘All You Need Is’.

‘Rest In Peace’ is a song to say that I love Bob Moog, who sadly died recently. You can download Rest In Peace from my site, tell your friends!

Till next time,



Where do babies come from?

•1 September 2006 • Leave a Comment

This is the fucking weirdest thing I have ever seen. Well, no. But it is odd.

 Well, where do babies come from?

Apparently I have a blog.

•1 September 2006 • Leave a Comment

So, this is where i’ll be telling people stuff that’s going on.

You may have noticed that i’ve updated www.velkrosmaak.co.nr, though I hate the design; at least this one works. The old Velkrosmaak website had loads of links – none of which worked. Anyway, it’s sorted now and it’ll be a placeholder, and a place to download my music for the meantime. If anyone is good, and bored, they can make me a website for free. Seriously, I won’t charge. Get in touch.

Still working on my entry for the JK and Jole Radio1 Competition, ‘make a dance tune in a week’. You’ll be the first to hear it on here.